new feature concerning missing credits

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08-07-2007 20:05:13

We realize that some offers are more reliable at crediting than others, and we do want to stay informed about problem offers. So, I have just added a new feature that allows you to report a non-crediting offer (like most sites we stopped accepting credit requests in mid-June). You will find a link on the Support page to our new Crediting Help page. On this page you can read a short explanation of crediting issues and possible solutions. There is also a form that lists all of the offers you have clicked on, and you may submit a report to us that the offer did not credit. We will review these reports and if we see a pattern of certain offers not crediitng, we will remove those offers from our website.

We will soon be adding another feature, to our Offers page, where you can report offers that are expired. Other sites have this feature, but I did not like the way it is implemented, so I have disabled it. The new system that I am adding is much more appealing.