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30-06-2007 21:09:27

To celebrate the month of July - with Independance Day, and my birthday - Somethin4Nothin is holding a [ba761429ff2]HUGE[/ba761429ff2] promo that I like to call the July Spectacular[/colora761429ff2][/sizea761429ff2]. We're going to be giving away [ba761429ff2]LOTS[/ba761429ff2] of extras, to anyone who places an order, all month long.

Receive a 15% bonus[/colora761429ff2] on all cash gifts[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free game of your choice[/colora761429ff2] with any game console or handheld[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free movie[/colora761429ff2] (DVD, BluRay, or HD-DVD) with any home theater system[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free inkjet printer[/colora761429ff2] with any PC[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free notebook security lock[/colora761429ff2] with any laptop[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free DVD player/recorder[/colora761429ff2] with any TV[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a free guitar tuner[/colora761429ff2] with any guitar[/sizea761429ff2]

Receive a bonus $5 per referral[/colora761429ff2] for all non-cash gifts not covered by the statements above (or choose the $5 bonus instead of the normal extra gift)[/sizea761429ff2]

To receive your bonus
You must order during the month of July
You must open a support ticket and tell us where you heard about our promo (A4F, FIPG, a friend, etc)
Also, if you are ordering a non-cash prize and will be receiving the $5 per ref bonus, you must make sure your PayPal email address is on file.

In other site news[/sizea761429ff2]

- Unlimited Orders[/colora761429ff2]. You can now place an unlimited number of orders on all Somethin4Nothin sites. You do not need to green again between orders.

- New prizes[/colora761429ff2] Samsung DVD Recorder (4 referrals, on Tech) ; Set of 16 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (1 referral, on Home)

- We now have 125 offers[/colora761429ff2], and our Offers page is now paginated for easier navigation[/colora761429ff2]


05-07-2007 11:56:57

i upgraded the bonus gift that comes with a TV to a DVD player/recorder. of course you can still take the iPod Shuffle if you prefer.


21-07-2007 18:19:40

the end of the month is drawing closer so i would like to go ahead and announce that this promo will continue through the month of August as well, meaning you don't have to worry about ordering before July 31st. i will make another announcement around the first of August, as there may be some additions to the promo, but all of the current bonuses will remain available.