slight payout changes

Live forum:


24-06-2007 10:46:44

I'm introducing a slight change in our payout policy. Instead of all orders being filled on the third day, the schedule will be as follows
For referral-based sites 3 - 5 days
For Points 5 - 7 days

On a side note, the recent shift to decimal-based credit values has allowed me to add many, many offers that I would never have been able to offer before. By offering a wider selection of offers I hope people are more likely to choose those that truly interest them. I will continue to add more offers and expand the selection past the usual eBay kits and $1 trials (at this moment there are currently 101 offers available).

Last but not least, don't forget the free green promo ends on June 30th. Our monthly contest is running as usual as well.