offer/credit value changes

Live forum:


17-06-2007 20:16:46

Recently a lot of advertisers have withdrawn their offers or lowered the amount that they will pay us for providing them with new customers. The drops in these payouts has meant that it is no longer feasible to keep running some offers as 1/2-credit. Some full-credit offers have seen payout reductions as well, and while we can no longer run them at full-credit, it seems harsh to drop the value all the way to 1/2 credit.

So, in order to continue to provide you with a wide selection of offers, and to see that you receive a fair credit value for completing offers, I am going to be refining our credit values over the next couple of days. We will be changing to decimal-based credit values, so rest assured you won't be seeing crazy fractions like 3/5, 7/10, etc. ;)