Missing credit requests no longer accepted

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15-06-2007 14:50:21

You've may have read this elsewhere by now, but Somethin4Nothin (as with nearly all other sites) can no longer accept any missing/manual credit requests. The amount of fraud they generated was simply too high and so they will no longer proces them. Any credit requests you may have pending are likely to be denied.

Also, to help combat fraud, if you request PayPal as your gift, you are likely to be asked to submit an ID. You may still receive a money order (or any other physical item) without an ID being mandatory. We do however reserve the right to request an ID at our discretion.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping to fight fraud. Weeding out the frauders will allow us to maintain and strengthen the freebie scene that we all enjoy.


15-06-2007 18:04:58

Hi there,

I rescently became a member of comps, and have seen you posting around FIPG. On one post you stated that you would guarantee a missing credit after 3 days as long as the person was not frauding. With all that is going on now, is that still the case, or has that changed?

Also, are you still doing pay outs within 1-5 days?

Thanks for your time,

Margot wink


16-06-2007 10:04:25

I think you have misread something I ahve written. There is no way I would be able to guarantee any missing credit requests. What I have said in the past however is that if you were to do an offer and it not credit, that you could then do another offer to take it's place, and when your missing credit finally came (3+ weeks later) I could apply it to another of your accounts.

But with missing credit requests going away, that policy of course goes with them.

I am still fulfilling orders within 3-4 days and don't have any plans at this time to change that. I am considering a slightly longer wait period on the Points site however.


16-06-2007 10:15:28

Yes, it looks as though I might have misinterpreted what you said. I've spent the last 2 days searching through all the posts on FIPG, and can't find any of your posts...lol

Thanks for the clarification, I truly appreciate you taking the time, considering all that you have to deal with at this point.

Margot wink