Free green promo!

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02-06-2007 17:58:07

With so many free green promos these days, people have been beating down my door asking me when I'm going to have one too.

Obviously, that would be right now ;)

However, instead of simply giving out tons of free greens just for the sake of giving out free greens, it'll work like this
Sign up unreferred, get at least one referral to green, and THEN open a support ticket to ask for your green.It's the same outcome except I'm only giving greens to people who want to use them. [bf92fd23def]This is good for you because it means you can find referrals easier.[/bf92fd23def] (If everyone registers for a free green just because they can, then that eliminates potential referrals for you.)

This promotion is going to run from [if92fd23def]right now[/if92fd23def] until the end of the day on June 22nd. Your order must be placed on or before the 22nd in order for you to qualify.

Also, don't forget the monthly no-referrals/no-offers contest at http//


02-06-2007 18:10:58

[quote5fa40e1de3="gnznroses"]This promotion is going to run from [i5fa40e1de3]right now[/i5fa40e1de3] until the end of the day on May 15th. Your order must be placed on or before the 15th in order for you to qualify.[/quote5fa40e1de3]I think you mean June 15th ... unless this is running for a year, which would be sweet )


02-06-2007 19:15:33

i was about to comment on that...


02-06-2007 19:47:53

oh, did i forget to mention that everyone has to travel back in time in order to qualify... )

June 15th. tho i'll likely extend it if i get a good response


02-06-2007 21:20:24

went ahead and extended it to the 22nd to give you 20 full days.


06-06-2007 15:56:26

i'm updating the rules of the promo. you can ask for your free green as soon as you get at least one referral who greens.


19-06-2007 11:26:34

I'm seeing some good results with this promo, so I'm extending it until June 30th.

Remember, to get your free green you need to sign up unreferred and get one referral (who greens) by the end of the promo. Then just submit a support ticket and your free green will be applied soon after.


19-06-2007 11:32:49

can you get an extra ref instead of completing offers normally?


19-06-2007 19:37:49

yep ;)


31-07-2007 07:30:08

I missed the free green promo (


31-07-2007 12:21:27

check back in about two days ;)