May promo

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29-04-2007 19:44:51

In addition to our ground-breaking monthly contest[=http//]monthly contest, I like to keep things interesting with other promos as well. Here's what we've got for May

[bd9bbf21b43]-[/bd9bbf21b43] For every referral you get to green between [bd9bbf21b43]May 1st and May 15th[/bd9bbf21b43], you will receive a [bd9bbf21b43]$5[/bd9bbf21b43] bonus[/colord9bbf21b43].
[bd9bbf21b43]-[/bd9bbf21b43]The person with the most (completed) referrals at the end of the promo period will receive an [bd9bbf21b43]$8[/sized9bbf21b43][/bd9bbf21b43] bonus[/colord9bbf21b43].
[bd9bbf21b43]-[/bd9bbf21b43]Second place will receive [bd9bbf21b43]$6[/bd9bbf21b43][/colord9bbf21b43] per referral.

As an example, if you have 12 referrals at the end of the promo, you'll receive a [bd9bbf21b43]$60[/sized9bbf21b43][/bd9bbf21b43][/colord9bbf21b43] bonus. If you had 15 referrals and that was more than anyone else, you would receive an extra [bd9bbf21b43]$120[/colord9bbf21b43][/sized9bbf21b43][/bd9bbf21b43]!

As always I like to keep the rules fairly loose
- It doesn't matter when your referral signed up, so long as they green during the promo. If you have referred someone and they haven't greened yet, you could convince them to go green during the promo period and receive a bonus for them.
- You can participate on any Somethin4Nothin site, even on Points. If you are referring Points users, they must receive 400 points in order for you to receive a bonus for them.
- If you are signed up at more than one of our sites, you can participate on each site, however the user with the most referrals (who earns the $8/ref bonus) will be determined on an individual site basis. Meaning if one user has 20 referrals on Gaming, and you have 12 each on Gaming and Tech, the other user bests you.
- Bonus cash will be given when your order is shipped. You don't have to wait until after the 15th to order and receive your bonus cash.
- You must submit a support ticket and inform us you are participating in the promo, in order to receive bonus cash.
- You do not have to be ordering cash in order to receive bonus cash.

If you have any questions let me know ;)


18-05-2007 20:30:38

almost over!

you don't have to place an order by the 20th to get bonus cash, btw. but on the 20th we will reward the person who had the most referrals.


18-05-2007 23:10:54

If you have another promo like this plz let me know = )..b/c the offer requirments on your site seem fair and the payout is good = )


21-05-2007 12:39:09

ok, will do ;)

the winner of the promo was joanna84