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19-04-2007 12:17:39

[be908af7af1]Our Sites[/be908af7af1]
There are currently six sites in the network

XB360, PS3, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP, etc.

Microwaves, ovens, tools, TV stands, vacuums, air conditioners, grills, etc

Some unique gifts on this site pool tables, a portable basketball system, guitars, bikes, more

this site includes the typical iPods and also includes stereo systems, TVs, cameras, car radios, GPS units, and a DVD recorder/DVR

Several different models of desktop and laptop computers, plus a tablet PC

Our points site has competitive payouts and offers every gift available on the other sites (over 60 in total)

Orders valued at under $480 are typically paid out in 3 days. Orders of a higher value are paid three times a month, on the 3rd, 20th, and last day of the month.

[be908af7af1]Monthly Contest[/be908af7af1]
We have a recurring contest that you can enter twice every month without completing any offers or referring anyone. You can enter more times after that if you do wish to complete an offer (a simple no-credit-card offer could allow you to enter a dozen more times). Our contest is fun as it involves playing arcade games and earning tickets based on your score.

[be908af7af1]Customer Service[/be908af7af1]
We pride ourselves on our customer service and response times. Most support tickets are answered within a few hours MAX, and many are answered within minutes.


09-05-2007 09:38:56

Hi I have 3 questions...

1. can this site be repeated?

2. If so can you use a ref for credit on repeat?

3. can you sign up unreferred and use a ref for credit?


09-05-2007 09:45:06

1. i can allow this when requested, but i don't openly encourage it atm.
2 & 3. yes