New forum :)

Live forum:


17-04-2007 21:20:25

I'm glad to have my own forum here at FIPG now and the prior posts (from the New Networks section) should be moved here soon. wink


18-04-2007 00:44:21

Cool! Congrats on your own section.

Also ... I realize this is a little off topic, and you are busy with your network and everything ... but I was wondering if you were still working on Greencheck at all, seeing how you are the programmer? I just find it a very helpful program, so I thought I would bring it up.

Anyways, love the sites, and congrats again on the new section.


18-04-2007 13:41:35

Yep, I consider it still under development. I've been planning an update for a while now, just have been busy with both the network and with my commercial software.
But I do intend to release a new version as soon as I get the chance.


19-04-2007 10:20:01

thanks TSJ, for moving the threads )


15-05-2007 13:56:28

I am glad somethin4nothin has there own forum. I worked comp.somethin4nothin and had no problems. The support was great. The pay out was fast. I am looking forward to picking up another somethin4 nothin site in the near futute