Return of the referral bonus promo at Somethin4Nothin

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07-04-2007 22:24:43

Just because we have a monthly contest doesn't mean we're not going to hold promos as well! Our $5 per ref promo from last month was very popular, so we're bringing it back to give a boost to two of our sites Fun and Home.

For each referral that you get to green, between today, April 7th, and next Sunday, April the 15th, you will receive a $5 bonus.
If you are paying for greens, you can think of this bonus as saving you $5 per ref.
If you are trading for greens or get them another way, you can think of it as just a little something extra.
The bonus payment will be paid at the time of your order, so if you were to place an order for $250 paypal, for 7 refs, you'll receive $285 instead. Of course you don't have to be ordering paypal to receive the bonus.

Here are the rules and details
- You do not have to be a new user of the site; existing accounts can participate as well.
- Your ref does not have to be new either. If you have a ref who signed up a while back but never completed an offer, and you get them to go green during the promo period, you will earn a bonus for that user.
- Your ref must be green on or by the 15th.
- If you place an order before the 15th, please open a support ticket at that time so I will know you are participating in the promo. If you are not ready to place an order by the 15th, you can either open a ticket then, for my future reference, of if you can remember to do so, you can open the ticket when you do eventually order.

Remember, this is for Home and Fun only.


14-04-2007 13:29:08

today and tomorrow are the last two days !