Announcing the Somethin4Nothin monthly contest

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31-03-2007 20:57:59

Today I am proud to introduce our new monthly contest that is unlike anything seen in the freebie world to date. How does it work? Read the summary below or jump right in at http//

You do not need to complete any offers or refer anyone to participate each month. You can however get an edge over the competition by using a couple of points -- completing a simple no-credit-card offer (there's nearly 3 dozen to choose from) and using some of the points earned allows you to multiply the number of entries you have in the contest. The rest is up to you however, as the contest is not based on luck alone -- it requires skill.

You play one of three games (more may be added later), and the score you get determines how many tickets you receive. The games currently available are Asteroids, Snake, and Hexxagon.

From the Contest homepage you can see how many tickets you have this month, your high score for each game, and a leaderboard showing the top 20 players for each game.

April's prize is your choice of either $75 cash (PayPal or check) or a 1GB iPod Shuffle which holds 240 songs.

Some possible future additions include badges generated for the top player of each game -- for you to display in your sig -- consolation prizes for the players who score the highest on each game during the current month, and as mentioned, more games to play.


02-04-2007 11:47:30

i was notified that there was a slight bug that only let you use one of your free entries. it's been fixed now ;)


05-04-2007 16:50:19

i've had two reports of the contest page not loading, so if anyone has similar problem please let me know.


07-04-2007 22:24:19

i've just added a new feature that shows you your chance of winning the contest down to a tenth of a percent ;)
one person, after using only 39 points to gain some extra entries, now has an amazing 69.7% chance of winning! but it's still early and you can still catch up! the best way to gain lots of tickets is to do a no-CC offer, which typically earns you 8-12 points, use it on a 10x multiplier, and then get a great score in-game. the user i just mentioned did this and received 90 tickets for one gameplay.
with 228 tickets entered so far you can shift the odds in your favor by quite a bit.


08-04-2007 20:14:42

by request i've added yet another feature. you can now see what scores will earn you what number of tickets, by simply clicking a link under each game.


10-04-2007 19:07:38

Added another feature you can now view game instructions before playing. ;)


13-04-2007 15:12:20

there was a problem where anyone who logged in and ticked the "remember me" checkbox was unable to play the contest. this problem has been solved now )