New sites and minor changes! Welcome Canada and UK!

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17-05-2007 06:15:53

The Poplar Gift Network has some new exciting changes to announce

We have launched 4 new sites
[bdb9a7f5829]Free Kitchen Appliances [/bdb9a7f5829]- http//
[bdb9a7f5829]Free Hi-Def Video Players[/bdb9a7f5829] - http//
[bdb9a7f5829]More Free Cash [/bdb9a7f5829]- http//
[bdb9a7f5829]Free Laptop Computers [/bdb9a7f5829]- http//

These new sites mark the beginning of a new era for the PGN. What this means for our users is better support, faster crediting, [bdb9a7f5829]international (Canada, UK) users are welcome[/bdb9a7f5829], and more offers are available.

We are currently providing 85 offers on our new sites, some less because of restrictions, but we will be adding offers

To go along with this new era, we are also adding a new promotion [bdb9a7f5829]BonusCash[/bdb9a7f5829]. For each user you refer to our sites, [bdb9a7f5829]you will receive a $10 BonusCash payout per user when you place your order[/bdb9a7f5829]. This applies to all users, referred or unreferred, and you can still elect the EasyGreen option too. If you refer 12 users, you'll get an additional $120.

We have also added custom orders to our list of gifts. Custom orders will require a minimum two (2) referrals. Our current payout per referral is about $80 each on our new sites. We will be phasing out our older referral based sites for our new system.

We have also added support personnel to handle support issues quickly, and to make sure things stay on track as far as your accounts are concerned.

Our gift payout policy has changed. For several reasons, we are adopting a net 15 payout plan. We will be shipping/paying on the second Friday of each month.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions or concerns about our policies or your accounts.


20-05-2007 08:52:20

Is the EasyGreen option available on these new sites?

Will all of these '85 offers' be available on the older PoplarGift sites ( particular ;) )?

Are there any UK offers available on the FreeCash.PoplarGifts site?

I noticed the PoplarIncentives Offerlist (http// shows alot more offers not available on all the sites...If the offer is posted on that list, can a referral submit a support ticket asking if they can do some offers off of that list, instead of the limited offers available on ...say...FreeCash.PoplarGifts?