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16-03-2007 15:13:34

[badb63ff4db]It is with great pleasure that we announce our 10-site Grand Opening![/badb63ff4db]

Our official incentive gifts list[=http//]Our official incentive gifts list

As part of this promotion, for the month of March, each person that completes a single offer on any one of our
sites will get a Free Lifetime Subscription to our offer management tool, OfferTrak®[=http//]OfferTrak®.

Our referral based sites extend our [badb63ff4db]EasyGreen[/badb63ff4db][/coloradb63ff4db] Option, wherein you can elect to forego your initial offer requirement and get an extra referral replacement.

Our referral sites are[=http//] - Free PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, Games[=http//] - Free Nintendo Wii, with games or cash[=http//] - Free Apple laptops and other gear[=http//] - Free Digital Audio / Video players, iPod, Zen M,Zune, Archos 604[=http//] - Just what it says!! Cash!

Along with our referral based sites, we have a whole slew of DIY sites[=http//] - Free $50 gift card - 1 credit, no referrals[=http//] - Free iPod Nano - 4 credits, no referrals[=http//] - Free Canon SD600 6MP Digital Camera - 6 credits, no referrals[=http//] - Free GPS navigation unit - 6 credits, no referrals[=http//] - Free iPhone value gift card - 8 credits, 1 referral

Although this is our official grand opening, we're already shipping gifts. We want get you all the freebies we can.

Sign up now and get your free subscription valued at $75.

We are also looking for incentive marketing affiliates! Please see our site[=http//]our site more more information.


16-03-2007 15:51:28

are canadians allowed?

can we get paypal instead of gift?

how long for crediting?

how many refs for the referral-based sites?


16-03-2007 19:09:13

We're working on the international stuff right now.


21-03-2007 18:00:52

I signed up for two of your sites, and I never recieved a confirmation email. I tried to get it resent several times, but for some reason it is not in my mail box or my junk mail. What should I do?


21-03-2007 21:26:14

Is anybody else having a problem with the EasyGreen option? Whenever I click on it, I get an HTTP 404 error.


21-03-2007 21:35:20

You must be clicking that from in the members section. Consider it fixed!


23-03-2007 21:00:05

I still get an HTTP 404 error message when I click on the EasyGreen option in the members area at


24-03-2007 07:46:49

Ok. You can see the info from the main page.

Here it is http//


24-03-2007 10:51:35

That worked! Thank you very much.


24-03-2007 19:42:54

Are you planning to permit canadians at your sites?


24-03-2007 20:14:39

i wanna get in as well!! P


24-03-2007 20:22:06

Very soon guys! We have a lot in the works and will be opening to CA and the UK first, and then from there who knows.

Are you more interested in the DIY (multiple offers minimal referrals) or the referral based sites? My hope is both!


24-03-2007 20:37:24

For now best choice for us to complete less offers and get more refs, but the only reason for that is low ammount of available offers ;/


24-03-2007 21:06:45

refs site )


25-03-2007 09:06:52

Ok then, I think I will be able to open the doors very soon. We'll have a ton of new offers on these sites.

While we're talking about it, what are you looking for as far as rewards? iPods are a staple, TVs too, but is there something else missing from the 'scene'?


25-03-2007 11:45:39

electric bikes
fitness equipment
IR/US/laser/ionic etc. health/beauty devices - this may me hot, I would go for it if/when I do my freebie site...
optics (binoculars, scopes, telescopes)
cameras, camcoders, graphic tablets


25-03-2007 12:47:47

I agree with the fitness equipment D

any original idea would work. jewelry?


25-03-2007 12:57:00



25-03-2007 15:08:02