Is this site repeatable?

Live forum:


21-05-2007 13:38:29

Hello, I am trying to find out if this site can be done multiple times. Also what is the requirements for repeating.
use a ref for credit? of is your green everlasting?


22-05-2007 23:31:50

You can complete our other sites. We have so many sites so there is no need of repeating a site. Open a support ticket if you have any more questions.


23-05-2007 06:41:18

your crediting on the giftxtent sites isn>t good at all ( i have 21 yellows, 6 greens


23-05-2007 08:09:33

Only two of your yellow referrals have actually filled a missing credit report, which means that only two have actually completed an offer. That is typically what happens when you get newbies from the FLR forum.

Crediting has been superb on the site.


24-05-2007 18:11:14

well I have 5 of 6 gone green so I do not think that is bad at all
But I am unsure of my yellow thus far.