Is this an OOD

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15-04-2007 16:55:21

Just curious as I've read conflicting reports. Does games.giftsinn qualify as an OOD? Also, how is the crediting on that site - is it consitent and fast? And just one more question ) - are you limited to only one prize or can you reset after approval and send in more referrals? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!


17-04-2007 18:54:55 isnt exactly an odd, but the requirement is higher than that of gadgets and ipods. Check out the offerlist at For, the offerlist can be found at


17-04-2007 19:18:36

any other sites like games.giftsinn? like higher payout with offers like that? D in the GiftXtent network maybe?


19-04-2007 18:10:07

Games is the only one of its kind right now, but we are looking to open more sites with promos.