$600 Referral Race

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31-05-2008 16:57:24

As promised I am progressively building this site. I am hosting a race at my larger freebie site and I would love to extend the race to giftorb members. This is one of many changes I will be bringing as a site owner. The race will break down like this. The person with the most referral points will be awarded $450 dollars. Second place will get $100 third will receive $50.
Points are earned by a referral going green.

Promo = 1/2 point Cash = 1 point PS3 = 2 points 3cred = 3.2 points

To officially win 1st place you must have at least 15 points. If the winner does not reach 15 points the will be considered tied for second place. All referrals must sign up on or after the 1st of June. The contest will end at the end of June. You must submit a support saying you would like to play to be entered. All players must enter by the 20th of June. Good luck and have fun.