Vote for your favorite - Next site!

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25-02-2008 11:52:03

Thank you for all your site suggestions!! We loved all the input and user interaction with this promo.

We went through and picked our 3 favorite ideas and will let you guys vote on which you like better!!

There will still only be ONE site that opens. We will total the votes up across all sites (A4F, FLR, FIPG) and see who the winner is.

FLR and A4F winners will EACH get up to $100 to use in a promotion that will kickoff the new site's release. You will be able to create their own promotion, with approval of course.
If you decide, you can choose to take the cash for yourselves, instead of using it in a promo. But if you do, you will only get HALF the amount.

For example
If you don't plan to use the $100 for a promo to give out to users, then you can choose to take $50 cash instead.
Or you can spend $80 in the advertisement, and keep $10 for yourselves.

Why to use $100 to advertise vs taking the money?

For every PROOF PIC posted , you'll get $5! This will last for 2 months after the site's opening - imagine all the free money you can get!!
the FLR winner will only get $5 from FLR proof pics area
the a4f winner will get $5 from A4F
If a user posts in FiPG, then both winners will split $5, and get $2.50 bonus each.

If there are multiple proof pics posted by the same user across different forums, only the FIRST post will count to determine who get's the $5 bonus.

Once again, thank you for participating and happy voting!! (hd players, bluray players, bluray media, lcd and plasma tvs, dvd players, etc!!) (check out the website for all the cool things on there) (hotels, car rentals, plane tickets, concerts, disney, etc!!)