Promo for the GAMERS! ONE WEEK ONLY!

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14-10-2007 19:34:48

We are having a special promo this week for all the gamers!

Nintendo Wii -
Get only TWO refs to cash out for TWO NEW Wii Games of your choice!

PS3- Get only THREE refs to cash out for TWO  NEW
PS3 games + $20 via paypal!

Xbox360 - Get only THREE refs to cash out for TWO
NEW Xbox360 games + $20 via paypal!

Nintendo DS/PSP -
Get only TWO refs
and cash out for THREE  NEW games + $20 via paypal!

To join this promo, simply open a support ticket from ANY of our sites asking
for this special GAMERS CUSTOM ORDER! Don't forget to include the games you want
in the support ticket.

If you are currently not a member to any of our sites, or would like to join a
new one, you are eligible for an unreferred Gamer's FREE GREEN! Open a support
ticket to get the free unreferred green.

But wait... there's more!!!
Everyone who takes part of this promo and orders games will be entered to a
drawing for any video game accessory worth $30 or less! You can choose
anything from Wii Points cards, to carrying cases. The choice is yours.

liThis promo will end this Friday, Oct 19th. Certain games may be out of stock
from our supplier, and we are not able to take any "rain checks" on orders. You
can check with us at anytime for game availability.


17-10-2007 20:21:13

2 days left!


30-10-2007 07:43:00

Here are the FOUR entries to the bonus $30 accessory drawing


liwii-505 is in the raffle twice because that user was able to cash out twice during the gamer's promo.

We will be using TEXAS LOTTO to do the drawing for us. Yay!
Lotto Texas - Play Texas' fun and original Lotto game. Just pick 6 numbers from 54. Lotto Texas offers multi-million dollar jackpots with drawings every [bb6d10edaca]Wednesday [/bb6d10edaca]and Saturday at [bb6d10edaca]1012 p.m. Central Time[/bb6d10edaca].

We will be using Wednesday's drawing to decide the winner. (October 31st)

[bb6d10edaca]User id Your Winning Numbers[/bb6d10edaca]
cas-2487 Numbers 1-13
wii-3139 Numbers 14-26
wii-505 Numbers 27-39
wii-505 Numbers 40-52

We will look at the FIRST BALL DRAWN to decide the winner. liNote, the winning numbers from the Texas Lotto site will be listed in numerical order. This may not always be the order in which they were drawn out of the lotto machine. To view the actual order, visit the webcast below after the drawing has been completed.

liIf numbers 53 or 54 is drawn first, we will use the SECOND ball drawn to decide the winner.
liIf numbers 53 or 54 are the first two balls drawn, I will DOUBLE the prize money, and we will redraw on Saturday!
Good luck to everyone who entered!


30-10-2007 07:44:47

Good luck everyone!