Super Promotions! A site just for promos!

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23-08-2007 16:32:06

We finally opened a site just for promotions! Check it out at http//[/size3ac9f3e9b9]

This site has ALL NO-CC offers which includes ton of easy zip submits and email submits too!

[b3ac9f3e9b9]How it works[/b3ac9f3e9b9]
You complete different offers to get a raffle tickets.
Enter raffle tickets to win a prize.
Current raffle item New iPod Shuffle!

-[b3ac9f3e9b9]GOOD NEWS! MORE PROMOS! [/b3ac9f3e9b9]
We are giving away 1/2 free credit to EVERYONE on our brand new promo site! Simply open a support ticket and mention the "FiPG Free 1/2 Credit Promo".

-As another promo, we are also giving away [b3ac9f3e9b9]FREE GREENS [/b3ac9f3e9b9]on [b3ac9f3e9b9]ALL OUR OTHER SITES! [/b3ac9f3e9b9] Simply sign up unreferred and open a support ticket with the title "FiPG Free Green".


27-09-2007 05:44:31

Are you still offering free greens?


27-09-2007 06:24:26

Sure just open a support ticket ;)


28-09-2007 12:07:10

Sent in support tickets on all sites.