[GiftOrb] Our newest site AND HUGE PROMO INSIDE

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17-08-2007 12:33:09

We are proud to announce the newest site to our network!!


It's a $90/referral web site!!! OMG THATS HUGE!!

Crediting is better than ever!! Our support is better than ever!!

Join us and participate in these below promos!!

We thank you inadvance

[beec71efe18]All offers are either 1/2, 1, or 2 credits. No 1/3, 1/4 crap!! Hoorah!![/beec71efe18]

PROMO BELOW[/coloreec71efe18][/sizeeec71efe18]

Tired of waving that stupid wii remote? [/coloreec71efe18]
Tired of the 3 rings of death on your xbox 360?[/coloreec71efe18]

Well throw all that out and earn a free ps3[/sizeeec71efe18] with us!![/coloreec71efe18]

To kick off our new ps3 site check out these AMAZING[/sizeeec71efe18] promos we have to offer you

- We will be giving out free greens[/coloreec71efe18] for [beec71efe18]TWO WEEKS!![/beec71efe18]

- We will let you combine[/coloreec71efe18] your half credited referrals[/coloreec71efe18]!! OMG!! So if you have two half credit referrals you can join them into 1 full credit!!!
This part will last for ONE MONTH!!

- [beec71efe18]For the first 5 people to cash out, your first 3 referrals will be worth $100 EACH!![/coloreec71efe18][/beec71efe18]

This ps3 site is a [beec71efe18]TWO CREDIT[/beec71efe18] green site. What does that mean? Your referrals have to earn TWO CREDITS. [beec71efe18](But remember, you can combine referrals!)[/beec71efe18]


17-08-2007 15:49:52

Got my free green! Thx GiftOrb!!! D


19-08-2007 18:22:57

[quote575ff4743e="babetran"]Got my free green! Thx GiftOrb!!! D[/quote575ff4743e]

No problem ;)


29-08-2007 11:03:44

Got my free green! I love giftorb!