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09-07-2007 19:15:50

Welcome to the [bb5ddcea52f]GiftOrb Network! [/bb5ddcea52f][/sizeb5ddcea52f]

You can visit our website at the following link

The GiftOrb Network will always provide unique sites and gifts along with the best customer service! The following is a short list of some of the reason why you should try out the GiftOrb Network.

- We have many unique sites such as "Gifts for Him[]Him" and "Gifts for Her[]Her"
- Competitive rates of up to $45 per referral
- We try to maintain at least 60 + offers for users to try out.
- We have a very friendly AIM support staff
- Fast account approval rates. Usually within 3 days!
- 90% of our offers are instant to credit!
- Monthly Promotions that are usually 100% free to enter! (No offers required!)
- We've shipped over $20,000 and we're still growing fast.

[bb5ddcea52f]The following is our gift rates for custom orders on all of our sites.[/bb5ddcea52f]

3 referrals = $100.00
4 referrals = $150.00
5 referrals = $200.00
6 referrals = $250.00
7 referrals = $300.00
8 referrals = $350.00
9 referrals = $400.00
10 referrals = $450.00
11 referrals = $500.00

[bb5ddcea52f]Shipping Schedule[/bb5ddcea52f]

We ship gifts on the 5th and 20th of each month. If you submit your account for approval by the 5th, your gift will be shipped on the 20th. If you submit your account for approval by the 20th, your gift will be shipped on the 5th of the following month.

[bb5ddcea52f]Aim Support[/bb5ddcea52f]
Feel free to message us at any time. The following are the AIM screen names you can reach us at.