June's Promotion! Prizes: iPets

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01-06-2007 16:33:36

This month we are giving away iPets! They are colorful pets that light up and dance to music! The winners will be allowed to choose ONE of the two pets shown below.

The first THREE people who successfully complete our [bd3ccfd0baa]http//www.apple.giftorb.com [/bd3ccfd0baa]site and redeems a [bd3ccfd0baa]non-paypal/non-cash/non-giftcard [/bd3ccfd0baa]prize will win this as a bonus. There is a minimum of at least three referrals to get this bonus. (ie no custom orders of less than 3 refs will get this bonus.) To make sure no one gets a head start, at least 3 referrals must come from this month (June), in order to be eligible for this bonus.

How to enter
When cashing out, open a support ticket asking about this promotion. If you are one of the first three, we will let you know. I will also update this thread as prizes are given out.
http//www.giftorb.com/images/june1.jpg[" alt=""/imgd3ccfd0baa][img="d3ccfd0baa]http//www.giftorb.com/images/june2.jpg[" alt=""/imgd3ccfd0baa]

That's it for June? Depends. If the prizes are all claimed before the month ends, I'll make sure to start another fun promotion.


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