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31-03-2007 22:19:00

After months of talking to different suppliers and working our way up the chain, we are finally able to give our customers the BEST RATES for prizes! You WILL NOT FIND THESE PRICES CHEAPER ANYWHERE ELSE. I'll [b5c6b2d3b69]GUARANTEE IT[/b5c6b2d3b69], or your limoney back.

liBy money back, I mean a free unreferred green to one of our new sites[/size5c6b2d3b69].

[b5c6b2d3b69]Everything Apple[/b5c6b2d3b69]
I'm sure you've seen those free iPhone sites, or maybe even those free iPod sites. Well, this is a combination of the best of everything. It contains the most popular apple products currently available! You can even custom order any apple product you wish.


[b5c6b2d3b69]Custom Gifts[/b5c6b2d3b69]
Have you ever seen a gift as big as a HOUSE?! Well, you won't find that here either, but check it out anyways!


Everyone loves promotions! So here goes my try at one. If you complete any of our new site within week from today (April 1st) your gift will actually ship out by the end of the year!


31-03-2007 22:28:44

Wow, those sites have the highest payouts ever for normal valued offers too!!!


01-04-2007 00:39:27

Ahaha left handed pencils....


01-04-2007 04:56:40

http//bestsmileys.com/lol/5.gif[" alt=""/imga67b223bb0]
FUNNY AS HELL!! There's too many things on the 'Custom' site! HAHAH!

I love this Network! +karma for GiftOrb


01-04-2007 05:30:17

LMMFAO I love the chat with owner of GiftOrb for 15 refs, thats classic.


01-04-2007 12:26:34

LOL!! Im gonna do the 14 ref for that delicious candy apple lol


02-04-2007 13:34:27

ROFL, wow I love the prizes on the custom site.


02-04-2007 13:36:33

[quote56dbabc15d="ghstlegacy17"]ROFL, wow I love the prizes on the custom site.[/quote56dbabc15d]

My left-handed pens already shipped!!