Promotion #4 - First 10 People to complete a site get...

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15-03-2007 12:53:31

[b9b1e61f043]PROMOTION #4
Be one of the first 10 people to complete any of our sites and earn extra![/b9b1e61f043]

[b9b1e61f043]1st[/b9b1e61f043] $20 via paypal or check, $10 Exxon Mobile Gift Card, Gift Orb
[b9b1e61f043]2nd[/b9b1e61f043]$20 via paypal or check, $10 Lowes Gift Card, Gift Orb
[b9b1e61f043]3rd-5th[/b9b1e61f043]$20 via paypal or check, Gift Orb
[b9b1e61f043]6th-10th[/b9b1e61f043]$20 via paypal or check

What is a gift orb? Go to the following link to learn more about how your GiftOrb can earn you $60.


15-03-2007 22:53:22

Sounds great. I'm going to get on it right away.


01-04-2007 16:22:50

Have the 10 spots been filled for this?


02-04-2007 13:42:05

I submitted for approval earlier today. I hope I still make it.