What is a Gift Orb?

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13-03-2007 22:19:54

[b04e4f2b542]What is a Gift Orb?[/b04e4f2b542] It's a glowing color changing orb. The following is a video of a close representation of what a Gift Orb is. The one's we will be sending out will be activated by a switch on the bottom, instead of a push button shown in the video. The music from the video is not from the orb. Gift Orb Video[=http//youtube.com/watch?v=ENBTu13vVmE]Gift Orb Video

[b04e4f2b542]Events[/b04e4f2b542] Recipients of a Gift Orb will be allowed to enter the end of the month Gift Orb Contest for a $60 cash prize. Check back at a later time for more details about this event.

[b04e4f2b542]How to get a gift orb[/b04e4f2b542] Gift Orbs will be given throughout our many promotions.


16-03-2007 16:21:19

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Those sure are cool


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Those are pretty sweet oops


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I want one

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Cool I like those. Awesome