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15-08-2008 19:38:58

Hello everyone,

Been waiting for [ba2cb14983d]NEW PROMOTIONS[/ba2cb14983d] from GiftMonster? We're here to deliver! Lets get started NOW...


[ba2cb14983d]EVERY DAY[/ba2cb14983d] until September 15th, 2008, we're going to be giving away [ba2cb14983d]FIVE[/ba2cb14983d] prizes! How can [ba2cb14983d]YOU[/ba2cb14983d] qualify? In [ba2cb14983d]FIVE WAYS[/ba2cb14983d], of course!

[ba2cb14983d]1)[/ba2cb14983d] Complete a promotional offer. These offers are labeled |PROMOTIONAL OFFER| on the offers page of any of our sites.

[ba2cb14983d]2)[/ba2cb14983d] Post a proof picture of a prize received from this day forward.

[ba2cb14983d]3)[/ba2cb14983d] Refer two users that green in a single day.

[ba2cb14983d]4)[/ba2cb14983d] Get a green referral on a site that
[ba2cb14983d]A)[/ba2cb14983d] [ia2cb14983d]You have never completed in the past[/ia2cb14983d] [ba2cb14983d]OR[/ba2cb14983d]
[ba2cb14983d]B)[/ba2cb14983d] [ia2cb14983d]You have not completed in two months time[/ia2cb14983d]

[ba2cb14983d]5)[/ba2cb14983d] Be one of the first 3 people to correctly answer our daily quiz. The daily quiz is going to be a miscellaneous question(s) that we post at a random time every day.

Prizes will be disbursed daily in the form of one [ba2cb14983d]SURPRISE[/ba2cb14983d] gift (potential value of up to $70!), and four prizes distributed in the form of "points" that may be used to purchase [ba2cb14983d]MANY[/ba2cb14983d] different things!

Points may be used to purchase a one-referral cashout, combine a partial credit, purchase a prize from our 'prize bank,' or add a bonus to your order. Our point structure is as follows

[ba2cb14983d]1 Point[/ba2cb14983d] - May be redeemed to add a $5 bonus to your next order
[ba2cb14983d]2 Points[/ba2cb14983d] - May be redeemed for a one referral cashout
[ba2cb14983d]3 Points[/ba2cb14983d] - May be redeemed for a raffle ticket to our prize bank, detailed below
[ba2cb14983d]4 Points[/ba2cb14983d] - May be used to add a $20 Bonus to your next order
[ba2cb14983d]5 Points[/ba2cb14983d] - May be used to combine 2 partial credit referrals

The [ba2cb14983d]PRIZE BANK[/ba2cb14983d] we mentioned for three points is a batch of [ba2cb14983d]HOT PRIZES[/ba2cb14983d] we'll be raffling off to everyone who has a ticket. There is a maximum of one prize per person. Average prize value in the bank will be $25. Prizes to be announced later.

Top point earners will also qualify for bonus prizes at the end of the month.

This promotion will [ba2cb14983d]END AND EXPIRE[/ba2cb14983d] on [ba2cb14983d]OCTOBER 1ST, 2008[/ba2cb14983d]. The first daily quiz has already been posted. [ba2cb14983d]TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW![/ba2cb14983d]


We're actually not done yet, there's [ba2cb14983d]MORE[/ba2cb14983d]...

One randomly selected person who answers the Daily Quiz described above will win a [ba2cb14983d]FREE REFERRAL![/ba2cb14983d] We'll sign a referral up on your account and grant it with credit. You don't even have to already have a GiftMonster account to participate with us in this promotion. You've got [ba2cb14983d]NOTHING TO LOSE[/ba2cb14983d] and [ba2cb14983d]EVERYTHING TO GAIN[/ba2cb14983d] by participating in this quiz every day!

Please note that the free referral may not be granted on HDTVMonster, NotebookMonster, DesktopMonster, EliteMonster, or LuxuryMonster. All other sites will qualify. Referral must be redeemed within 60 days of date awarded.


...and now for the [ba2cb14983d]GRAND FINALE[/ba2cb14983d] of this batch of promotions! We've saved the [ba2cb14983d]BEST PROMOTION[/ba2cb14983d] for last

This promotion will last from now until [ba2cb14983d]OCTOBER 1ST, 2008![/ba2cb14983d] That's over one full month!!

Here's an opportunity to [ba2cb14983d]MULTIPLY[/ba2cb14983d] your usual earnings with GiftMonster! If you place three (3) or more orders with us between now and October 1st, 2008, we'll [ba2cb14983d]BUMP[/ba2cb14983d] your [ba2cb14983d]PAY RATE[/ba2cb14983d] on [ba2cb14983d]EACH ADDITIONAL ORDER[/ba2cb14983d] to [ba2cb14983d]$45 PER REFERRAL![/ba2cb14983d] If you think you're really good and manage to hit six (6) or more orders with us, you'll get [ba2cb14983d]$50 PER REFERRAL[/ba2cb14983d] on [ba2cb14983d]EVERY SUBSEQUENT ORDER!!![/ba2cb14983d] This can be taken advantage of for an [ba2cb14983d]UNLIMITED[/ba2cb14983d] number of orders. But [ba2cb14983d]HURRY[/ba2cb14983d] before it becomes too late! Remember, all referral values will restore to default on October 1st, 2008. [ba2cb14983d]DON'T MISS OUT![/ba2cb14983d]

[ia2cb14983d]HDTVMonster, DesktopMonster, NotebookMonster, and EliteMonster will be $85 per referral for 3+ orders, and $90 per referral for 6+ orders. LuxuryMonster will be $105 for 3+ orders, and $110 for 6+ orders.[/ia2cb14983d]


As usual, if you [ba2cb14983d]need a free green[/ba2cb14983d] to get started on any of our sites, we've got you covered! Just [ba2cb14983d]sign up unreferred[/ba2cb14983d] and post your request via support ticket.

We hope you enjoy these promotions and thank you for your support. Start taking advantage of these hot deals today! If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us by either replying to this thread or sending us a PM.