GiftcardMonstor is waking up or not?

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29-11-2007 18:27:16

Hello Sir

For the sake of all that is good could you please credit me?

I did the offer (MusicETC) and I paid money $23.88 USD on November 1, 2007. Now more than one moth passed and I did not get any credit for this offer (only 1/3 credit). Why this happened to me ?

I opened a support ticket on 11/1, which continues to read to m ebut they cannot offer teh credit to me because they donot accept manual credit request. I shouldn't have to wait for one month and I did get nothing. The offer says the credit in the same day. Eespecially I have paid money and I have become a year membership but NO ANY CREDIT...



01-12-2007 08:47:59

Hello Sir,

I apologize, but it is no longer in our policy to accept manual credit requests. I am very sorry again for your unfortunate crediting experiences and wish you the best of luck in the future.


01-12-2007 09:11:51


Sorry that I can not complete the offers now because most offers are not available for me and I am in Canada. Myabe I can complete the offers when I move to USA next year. I will get my Ph. D. an dthen I move to USA.