GiftMonster Halloween Monster Bash!

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13-10-2007 09:31:23

[b0434af17c0][u0434af17c0]GiftMonster Halloween Monster Bash![/u0434af17c0][/b0434af17c0]

Well, the time is here Halloween! This is the MONSTER season and as such, we're ready to [b0434af17c0]announce[/b0434af17c0] some of our [b0434af17c0]biggest promotions yet[/b0434af17c0]!
Let's waste no more time and get down to what you've all been waiting for, the promotions

What comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Candy? Pumpkins? Spooks? We've got all three covered.

[b0434af17c0]1.[/b0434af17c0] Just [b0434af17c0]sign up for any offer on our sites with the liPROMOTIONAL OFFERli tag and get a free bag of candy![/b0434af17c0] Simply [b0434af17c0]open a support ticket after completing your offer letting us know where to send out your candy[/b0434af17c0]. Believe us, you won't be disappointed; just look at all of these sweets we've got to give away
http/" alt=""/"258/9094/089zc5.jpg[" alt=""/img0434af17c0]

[b0434af17c0]2.[/b0434af17c0] Pumpkins! We want to see your best monster pumpkin carvings! [b0434af17c0]Anyone who carves a GiftMonster-oriented pumpkin will receive $10 via PayPal.[/b0434af17c0] On November 1st, we will evaluate all of your pumpkins and [b0434af17c0]award $50 to the user who has carved the most creative pumpkin[/b0434af17c0].

[b0434af17c0]3.[/b0434af17c0] Spooks? Sorry, we lied. Just a promotion so good it will literally scare the heck out of you! [b0434af17c0]The next 10 liNEWli users who place an order will get a FREE iPod Shuffle added to their order![/b0434af17c0] Please note that [b0434af17c0]a new user is one that has not yet accumulated a referral on ANY of our sites[/b0434af17c0]. If you have already registered but have not yet accumulated any referrals, you still qualify. [b0434af17c0]Once you have placed your first order you must notify us[/b0434af17c0] and we will ship out your iPod shuffle promptly. If you do not notify us that it is your first order, you will not qualify for your gift. liIf you have an alternative similar-priced MP3 player that you would prefer, we will take your request into considerationli

[b0434af17c0]4.[/b0434af17c0] Feeling left out because you aren't a new user? Don't worry, we've still got love for those of you who have been loyal to us in the past ). [b0434af17c0]Any user who has placed at least three orders with us in the past will qualify for this next promotion[/b0434af17c0]. So lets get to it;
How would you like [b0434af17c0]$45 per referral instead of $40?[/b0434af17c0] (FreebieMonster, PoloMonster, GadgetMonster, iPodMonster, LCDMonster, GiftCardMonster, GamingMonster) [b0434af17c0]$85 instead of $80?[/b0434af17c0] (HDTVMonster, NotebookMonster, DesktopMonster) A[b0434af17c0]ll you've got to do to get these bonus rates is to email= us a testimonial with your registered email included to us a testimonial with your registered email included to![/b0434af17c0] Sending proof pictures as well would be extra awesome.

But that's not all! [b0434af17c0]How about $50 per referral instead of $40[/b0434af17c0] (FreebieMonster, PoloMonster, GadgetMonster, iPodMonster, LCDMonster, GiftCardMonster, GamingMonster) [b0434af17c0]or $90 instead of $80[/b0434af17c0] (HDTVMonster, NotebookMonster, DesktopMonster)? [b0434af17c0]To qualify for this bonus, please submit any of the following[/b0434af17c0]
[b0434af17c0]A.[/b0434af17c0] A video testimonial of a GiftMonster site on YouTube or Google Video
[b0434af17c0]B.[/b0434af17c0] A promotional video for GiftMonster or a GiftMonster site on YouTube or Google Video (see http// for an example)
[b0434af17c0]C.[/b0434af17c0] Sing a song about GiftMonster and upload it into an .mp3url==http://=http:///url or .wavurl==http://=http:///url file. Perhaps it could be Halloween related?

[b0434af17c0]Video and song submissions should be email=ed to email=testimonials@giftmonster.nettestimonials@giftmonster.neted to and posted to Anything4Free, FreeiPodGuide, or FreeLunchRoom[/b0434af17c0].

These[b0434af17c0] bonus rates[/b0434af17c0] per referral will be [b0434af17c0]good until November 1st, 2007[/b0434af17c0], at which time referral rates will return to normal.

Please note that the [b0434af17c0]extra cash generated per referral will only count towards referrals gained from this point on[/b0434af17c0]. Bonus paypal will not be paid on referrals generated prior to this date. This promotion will NOT go on past October, so enjoy it while it lasts!!

Everything sound good so far? Great, but we haven't finished.

We'd like to announce the [b0434af17c0]newest site[/b0434af17c0] to hit our entourage, [b0434af17c0][/b0434af17c0]! JockMonster follows our [b0434af17c0]$40 per referral structure[/b0434af17c0] and offers some of the hottest sporting goods on the market.

[b0434af17c0]5.[/b0434af17c0] We can't have new sites without promotions either, so we've got [b0434af17c0]FREE GREENS[/b0434af17c0] for you all as well! In order to get your free greens, [b0434af17c0]simply sign-up for,, or unreferred and open a support ticket requesting your offer requirements to be waived[/b0434af17c0].

If you have any questions about any of our latest promotions, feel free to contact us via PM, AIM @ GiftMonster Help, or by support ticket. Thank you!


13-10-2007 14:53:25

I am so in on the pumpkin carving. D


22-10-2007 10:29:47

Thanks for all the great promo's!! I'm signed up on Jockmonster and support ticket sent for offer waiver.

One question...Do we post our pumpkin pic's on your Monster Bash Thread(s)?



25-10-2007 10:51:35

Thanks for the green on jockmonster! Here's my pumpkin entry!!! Very fun promo's guys!!

http//[" alt=""/imgc42b4707fd] [img="c42b4707fd]http//[" alt=""/imgc42b4707fd]


25-10-2007 21:11:32

those are awesome love them!!!

sandra habina

25-10-2007 22:38:14

cool pumpkins indeed I love Jack-o-lanterns

Happy Halloween !!!!


01-11-2007 08:16:43

I thought you might get a kick out of this.. My husband was brave enuff to put himself out there for me and sing this for me.. I only thought up the song and the words..what a brave guy!!!