I think this is one of the best sites

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03-08-2007 09:48:07

I have worked with both gifts and cash site. The support for this site is above any other site I have worked with. I can not put into words how much I love working with this site. I offer $55 to nebies because its so good and I love giving this site my referrals.


04-08-2007 19:02:47

yeah i gotta man-crush on this network too ;).. i realy enjoy them.. one of the best out there.. they should have a rating by now.. and a damn good one.. they remained virtually unaffected by the affiliate plague of a month or so ago.. top-notch network.. i see them bein around a while

Shawn G.


12-02-2008 22:01:31

yea their crediting ratio has been good and refs green on these sites quick.A must have!!!!