Repeatable sites?

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31-07-2007 14:39:47

I've submitted for approval and it appears that Giftmonster sites are repeatable is that correct? I just read a post somewhere that they are not??

Here is what I got when I submitted for approval

You have 1 order. You are allowed to order an unlimited number of times.

You cannot place another order while an existing order is being approved.

Once your existing order is approved your offer credits and referrals will be marked as "used"
and any extra credits you have will be counted towards your next order.

Thanks in advance!


31-07-2007 15:21:21

Yes they are repeatable D Ive done them over and over and they reset as soon as your orders approved.


31-07-2007 22:07:31

OK...... thanks! I just happened to notice this post is all!

They must have changed it recently!


01-08-2007 16:28:36

Hi, yes we recently changed our orders policy and now allow for unlimited orders. Your original credit will also carry through with you for each order. Thank you for asking.