HUGE Update! New Site, Free Greens, $1000 Promo

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30-07-2007 10:47:25

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since we've made any new announcements, but this time we've got another big one for you guys.

To start, we have added several new offers in the past few days to all of our sites, so hopefully finding one of interest will now be much easier.

More importantly, we'd now like to announce a [bf03b951b08]new site,![/bf03b951b08] will follow our [bf03b951b08]$80/referral structure[/bf03b951b08] but with a little twist It has the same, great offers as our $40/referral sites, but instead of requiring only one credit to green, [bf03b951b08]it requires two credits[/bf03b951b08]. (Please note that this is the [bf03b951b08]only site in our network requiring 2 credits[/bf03b951b08])

In celebration of these new additions, we would like to announce a new, previously well-liked, promotion

[bf03b951b08]Sign up unreferred on,,,, or[/bf03b951b08] and be eligible to [bf03b951b08]have your own offer requirements waived![/bf03b951b08] Just open a support ticket upon signing up requesting your promotional credit and it will be issued promptly.

...and now for the finale, our biggest promotion yet
We will be giving away a total of [bf03b951b08]$1000 in prizes[/bf03b951b08] with 10 different ways to win $100!

[bf03b951b08]GiftMonster 10 Ways to win $100 Promotion![/bf03b951b08]

1. Just keep pumping those referrals, man! The person with the [bf03b951b08]most referrals[/bf03b951b08] on all of our sites combined generated from July 30th, 2007 to August 20th, 2007 [bf03b951b08]will take down a clean $100[/bf03b951b08].

2. So you've never tried us before, huh? Any user who generates their first referral on any of our sites starting today, July 30th, 2007, is eligible for this promotion. The [bf03b951b08]first linewli user to sign up and generate 10 referrals[/bf03b951b08] on any combination of our sites [bf03b951b08]will bring home this $100[/bf03b951b08]. Note If you have already registered on our sites but have never previously brought in any referrals, you still qualify for this promotion.

3. Feeling left now out because you've already been using us loyally? Don't worry, We want to reward you too! The first user to [bf03b951b08]successfully complete every one of our sites[/bf03b951b08] with at least one approved order will [bf03b951b08]pocket a bonus $100[/bf03b951b08].

4. We really love our loyal members, so we've got another one for you guys! Any user who has made at least 2 orders with us in the past is eligible for this promotion. Starting today, July 30th, the [bf03b951b08]first person to successfully bring in a new referral who ends up generating 5 referrals[/bf03b951b08] themselves will [bf03b951b08]capture 100 George Washingtons[/bf03b951b08]. Please note We are not responsible for tracking the winner on this. The [bf03b951b08]first person to notify us that their referral has 5 referrals themself will get the money[/bf03b951b08]. Sorry if this one sounds confusing, it's hard not to be when you're dealing with a referral's referrals. If you've got questions on this promo (or any other ones for that matter) feel free to contact us.

5. Try your luck with our latest raffle! [bf03b951b08]Simply complete any of our three offers labeled liPROMOTIONAL OFFERli[/bf03b951b08] next to them and you will [bf03b951b08]be entered into a raffle for $100 via PayPal or Check[/bf03b951b08]. Each promotional offer completed will count as a separate entry, so you may have a maximum of 3 entries into this drawing. This promotion [bf03b951b08]will go on until August 15th, 2007[/bf03b951b08]. A video will be posted of the drawing shortly after this date.

6. For those of you who like raffles, you're in luck because we've got one more. Any user who successfully completes an order on the site and [bf03b951b08]posts a proof picture/testimonial link [/bf03b951b08]on Anything4Free, FreeiPodGuide, or FreeLunchRoom forums will be [bf03b951b08]entered into a drawing for $100 via PayPal[/bf03b951b08]. This promotion [bf03b951b08]will continue up until August 20th, 2007[/bf03b951b08]. As with our other raffle, we will also be posting a video of this drawing shortly after raffle expiration.

7. This promotion is all about your input! [bf03b951b08]Send us suggestions[/bf03b951b08] via email at (support at giftmonster dot net) or PM on how to improve or better market the site and [bf03b951b08]you will have a chance to tackle this next $100[/bf03b951b08]. The [bf03b951b08]best suggestion[/bf03b951b08] or idea based on our discretion will [bf03b951b08]net the cash[/bf03b951b08]. Our [bf03b951b08]decision will be made on August 15th, 2007[/bf03b951b08].

8. Here's your chance to [bf03b951b08]be creative[/bf03b951b08] - we want you to [bf03b951b08]make us a GiftMonster promotional video[/bf03b951b08]! Videos may be [bf03b951b08]testimonials[/bf03b951b08], [bf03b951b08]reasons to choose giftmonster[/bf03b951b08], [bf03b951b08]GiftMonster humor[/bf03b951b08], or really [bf03b951b08]anything at all related to GiftMonster[/bf03b951b08]. Please post all submissions with links your videos on A4F, FIPG, or FLR (upload to YouTube/Google Video/etc). You do not have to have completed or be working on any of our sites to participate, unless you choose to do a video testimonial. We will choose the one we feel is best on August 20th, 2007. The winner will receive $100 via PayPal.

9. And to end these promotions off, we celebrate the official launch of our latest site, EliteMonster! The [bf03b951b08]first 10 users to place an order on will receive a $10 bonus[/bf03b951b08], paid via paypal, with their order.

10. No catchphrases with this one, lets just get right to the point. Just like promotion #1 we're going to have [bf03b951b08]another referral contest[/bf03b951b08], only this one is [bf03b951b08]exclusive to EliteMonster[/bf03b951b08]. The [bf03b951b08]user with the most referrals[/bf03b951b08] on as of August 30th will [bf03b951b08]win this $100[/bf03b951b08]. Keep in mind this contest is for only, whereas the contest in #1 includes every one of our sites combined.


02-08-2007 13:33:03

Awesome, thanks. I signed up, sent in a support ticket, left the house for a few hours and when I came back I had my promotion credits. GiftMonster is really on top of things.


13-08-2007 04:55:47

Can we signup for more than one site and receive the promotional credits?


18-08-2007 17:58:39

[quote7ba4b0fc67="aharleymom"]Can we signup for more than one site and receive the promotional credits?[/quote7ba4b0fc67]

Yes, you can )

Just open support tickets on each site you'd like your credit on.


01-09-2007 07:14:45

So how did this promo end? Is there going to be more?


03-09-2007 12:18:49


We have been sending out payments recently to all of the winners. We will most likely be making an announcement mentioning the winners once all of the money has been claimed. Please note that the following $100 has yet to be won
[quote70ac44b793]3. Feeling left now out because you've already been using us loyally? Don't worry, We want to reward you too! The first user to successfully complete every one of our sites with at least one approved order will pocket a bonus $100. [/quote70ac44b793]

Also yes, we should definitely be having more promotions in the future, so stay tuned.


28-05-2008 07:34:08

Hello Monster,

I've tried Greening on two of your sites (Camera-about two months ago & now Freebie) have yet to receive credit (

On 4/9 I did the Discover card offer for full credit but never recv'd the credit. I received the credit card, activated it and made a purchase also.

It's great you are offering greens for unreferred and I'd like to sign up but my concern is how can I refer anyone when 1) I can't get credit for offers I complete and 2) you do not accept Mcr's. cry

I saw on some threads that you had problems with the sites and this may be the reason? But hopefully I can get credit for Freebie and restore my faith in your sites.

Thanks and Best regards!! D


29-05-2008 20:23:29

free greens still?


29-05-2008 20:41:39

i cant sign all the way in??