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02-07-2007 10:20:40

Hello everyone,

It has come to my attention that recently many have been drawn away from our $80 per referral sites due to a lack of offers. Because of this, last night we spent our efforts acquiring as many new offers as we could.

To be specific, the following offers are now live on HDTVMonster[=http//]HDTVMonster, DesktopMonster[=http//]DesktopMonster, and NotebookMonster[=http//]NotebookMonster
-Rising Star
-Video Professor (works again)
-Shaqs Big Family challenge
-Get On Google
-Globe Juvenile Insurance
-Hoodia Star
-Stop Smoking Resolution
-Girls Gone Wild
-dLife Meal Manager
-Distinction Non Surgical Face Lift
-The Amazon Diet
-Ultima Smile
-4 Seasons Wine-Buy Six Bottles, Get Six Free
-Acne Recovery System
-WebEx MeetMeNow
-Colon Complex
-YES Weight Loss
-Jillian Michaels
-Nutrisystem Nourish

Additionally, we will once again be reinstating our free offer credit promotion for our $80 per referral sites only. Sign up unreferred for http//[=http//]http//, http//[=http//]http//, or http//[=http//]http// by July 10th, 2007 and we will waive your offer requirement. Please note that you must open a support ticket to request your credit before it will be issued.

As always, feel free to address any questions or concerns you may have to us via a support ticket, by AIM GiftMonster Help, or by e-mail at support @

Thank you for reading,
Kyle Smith
GiftMonster Network