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27-05-2007 18:46:39

Hello everyone,

I've just written up a list of frequently asked questions that should help clear up some curiosity or confusion regarding our network. If anyone has any additional questions to include, feel free to include them in this thread and they will be addressed.

[b55ccea38fd]1. I really just do not understand how your site works. What is the process involved in receiving my gift?[/b55ccea38fd]
Please refer to our "How it Works" page on the GiftMonster website. This page can be found at http//[=http//]http//

[b55ccea38fd]2. How many times can each site be done?[/b55ccea38fd]
We currently allow only one order per site.

[b55ccea38fd]3. Why are 255 referrals required for a custom order?[/b55ccea38fd]
Please notify us as to what you would like in a support ticket for a custom order. We will then change your referral requirement to accomodate your gift. Please note that for custom orders we require a minimum of three referrals.

[b55ccea38fd]4. I am having problems extending my account. When I click the Next Step button, it will not bring me to the next page. What can I do?[/b55ccea38fd]
This problem occurs when trying to extend your account using the "Login Now" feature rather than the "Existing User" feature. To fix this problem, simply use the "Existing User" feature instead to extend your account.

[b55ccea38fd]5. I just did an offer that supposedly credits instantly but I did not recieve credit. What should I do?[/b55ccea38fd]
Don't worry just yet. There are times when instant offers can take up to 24 hours to credit. If 24 hours have passed and you still have not received credit, please open a manual-credit request.

[b55ccea38fd]6. How long to manual credits take to process?[/b55ccea38fd]
Unfortunately, manual credits typically take 3-6 weeks to process with our advertisers. We do our best to get the request credited as soon as possible, but most of the wait time is simply out of our control.

[b55ccea38fd]7. Why has my manual credit request been marked "More Information Needed"?[/b55ccea38fd]
90% of the time when your manual credit request has been marked "More Information Needed" you are missing the full email headers on your confirmation email. We need these to submit your manual request, so please be sure to include them.

[b55ccea38fd]8. How long does it take for me to receive my gift after I place an order?[/b55ccea38fd]
At this time, we do our best to verify orders and send out gifts within 3 days.

[b55ccea38fd]9. I am using AOL Internet. Can I still sign up and complete your sites for my gift?[/b55ccea38fd]
We do not currently allow signups through AOL, as they are on proxies which many use to try and cheat our site. If you sign up through AOL, we will have no choice but to place your account on hold for violating this rule. This is reinforced in the Terms Of Service on all of our websites.

[b55ccea38fd]10. Where can I see all of the websites your network offers?[/b55ccea38fd]
All of our network sites can be seen on our portal page, http//[=http//]http//

[b55ccea38fd]11. I am finding it difficult to complete an offer on your website. May I refer one extra friend instead of doing my own offer?[/b55ccea38fd]
Yes, you may refer an extra person in order to waive your own offer requirements. You must open a support ticket letting us know of this just before you place your order for this to be considered valid.

[b55ccea38fd]12. Where can I see a list of offers on your site?[/b55ccea38fd]
You can see our offer list by going to any one of our sites and clicking on the "Offer List" link in the upper right corner.

[b55ccea38fd]13. What countries does your network allow?[/b55ccea38fd]
We are currently open to individuals residing strictly in the United States or Canada. No other countries are permitted to complete our sies at this time.

[b55ccea38fd]14. When do I need to fill out a W-9?[/b55ccea38fd]
All orders $600 or over on any individual site requires the submission of an IRS W-9 tax form. Failure to provide such will result in gift disqualification. The W-9 may be sent to us through email= at at, or by fax at 914-965-5496.

[b55ccea38fd]15. How can I contact you for support?[/b55ccea38fd]
You can contact us via e-mail at, through a support ticket, on AIM at GiftMonster Help or GiftMonsterD, or by phone at 914-613-3378.