raffle winner

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04-05-2007 20:35:17

hey there.. i watched the video the other day... i didnt win by the way stun .. HAAAA.. was id=69 i believe.. was just ownderin if that was a user on fipg.. or ya SURE it wasnt fixed because of the number ya dirty lil monkeys ;).. j/k anyhoo will we find out who the winner was?



05-05-2007 09:10:45

The winner was user Dropkck09 I believe on Anything4Free. I'm not sure if he visits these forums as well.


05-05-2007 14:02:31

cool D.. are yall gonna be doin anymore raffles soon?.. i enjoyed watchin the video on google


05-05-2007 22:56:53


We do have some future promotions planned that will be on Google Video for users to watch. Stay tuned to this forum for more details.

Thank you,
Dinis Passarinho