PoloMonster News and Promotion

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29-04-2007 19:12:51

Hello everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that we have now added three paypal options and one custom order option to PoloMonster (http//www.polomonster.net). Additionally, we are now waiving the offer requirements of users who sign up unreferred on PoloMonster until May 10th, 2007. As usual, just open a support ticket to let us know you would like to participate in this promotion and we will give you your free green.

Thank You,


29-04-2007 19:27:56

Sounds awesome ... Signed up )


01-05-2007 14:25:49

VERY disco D.. i JUST saw this.. i signed up for it as well.. the giftmonster sites i can not say enough good about.. this completes my set so ta speak.. i think they are awesome as shit.. cant wait till they have more sites to work.. there support is incredible.. yall keep comin out with great sites and i will continue to complete them ;).. i see this is a newer company and i must say they are winnin me over.. yall rock

Shawn G.


02-05-2007 08:02:47

Signed-up , waiting for the free green D