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13-04-2007 20:11:47

Hello everyone,

As I'm sure many of you know, recently we've experienced problems with our paypal and web hosting. Both of these issues are now resolved, and we can go back to having a stable site shipping out either daily or almost daily. Thank you for your patience in dealing with these recent issues.

I've also got some more good news; we've got a few new promotions -
Sign up unreferred to any of the sites listed below and have your offer requirements waived or get a free referral
LCDMonster - http//
HDTVMonster - http//
iPodMonster - http//
GamingMonster - http//

You may take advantage of this promotion for as many of the sites listed above as you would like. As usual, just open a support ticket to let us know after you've signed up that you want in on this promotion. This offer will expire on April 25th, 2007.

The FreebieMonster raffle is also very near to ending, as I believe we have our first 8 out of 10 orders at this point. This rafffle will be for either an iPod Shuffle or $80 via PayPal/Check/ePassporte. All you need to do to enter is to place an order on, so get in before it's too late!

Finally, just a quick offer update. We've added a lot of new offers recently and are always adding more so be sure to check that out if you're looking for something new to do.

Thank you for reading,
GiftMonster Network


13-04-2007 20:17:46

Nice ) will you be able to send direct payments without fees and such? i can no longer accept cc or debit payments without upgrading D

let me know

oh and thank you for the promo!!


13-04-2007 21:02:30

yeah this sounds disco D.. and i can do the promo for as many of the sites listed as well.. i am on lcdmonster but not the others listed...and thank you kyle for my payment today D D.. was my very first site completed.. i will definitely go in for the promo and thank you )



13-04-2007 22:09:58

For the few people awaiting their payment I will get these orders out by tomorrow 4PM EST at the latest.

Thank you,
Dinis P.


14-04-2007 15:22:24

Nice promo! I signed up to the ipod and gaming one.


17-04-2007 09:26:29

Could you sign up on one site and do an offer, and get the free green on another site?


17-04-2007 14:34:27

didnt know there was a raffle for freebiemonster.. cool i guess i am in it???



18-04-2007 10:32:46


The raffle is nearing on, when we reach the 10 order mark we will raffle off either an iPod Shuffle or $80 via PayPal/Check/ePassporte. Once again this will be a video! Stay tuned for for information.

Thank You,
Dinis Passarinho