Problem with LCDMonster offers page

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06-04-2007 09:05:13

Hi all,

Just wanted to know if anybody have had problems with their offers page recently?

When I click to open the offers page (once logged in), everything seems to load correctly, except that I get a java error icone in the browser's status bar in bottom left corner saying that the page loaded but with errors. Then, if I click on ANY offer, a new browser window opens (which is normal) but instead of having displayed the offer page, it's the welcome page and that's it, there's nothing more I can do even if I wait a while on this page to see if something else loads x

All my browser settings are as low as possible (accept all cookies, pop-up blockers disabled). Also, I tried with IE 6 & 7 and with Firefox 2 and always getting this issue.

I've read on the net about this kind of java error and it seems to be a website error, not a user error. I wrote to support about it, pasting the java error report, and they don't seem to understand why I get this problem...

Anyone can help me understand and/or correct this problem? Also, if anyone have an account on this site, could you try it by yourself just to see if I'm the only one having problems with the offers page?

Thank you,