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13-03-2007 16:28:58

March 13, 2007 Update

-We've shipped out our first 8 orders, all within 3 days. That number is about to increse to 12 orders all which will be shipped within 1-2 days after approval. This will total to about $3100 in orders shipped within 6 days.

-We now have almost 600 unique users within our first week.

-Our GamingMonster promotion for the Nintendo Wii still only has one entrant so the odds of winning that Wii are still very good.

-Our T-Shirts came in today so they will be shipping out daily with each order (See http// for a picture)

- A NEW Promotion if you sign up to is if you sign up unreferred and go for a gift rather than PayPal you will receive a FREE half credit towards your offer requirements. Just submit a support ticket and our staff will credit your account quickly.

-We have a bunch of new offers coming up shortly, so for everyone who cannot seem to find an offer they haven't done, we are sure you will find one you like. The two newest additions include Advertising Web Space and Complete Home (both half credit offers)

Check out our website for the current promotions.

If you have any questions about our network, or would simply like to wish us luck, feel free to contact us
AIM GiftMonsterD
Phone 914-613-3378

PS Check out all our sites at http//, http//, http//, http//, http//, and http//


13-03-2007 17:24:47

Trimday Weight Loss offer just added it is 1/2 credit.

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