Important question about getting referrals.

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16-06-2009 16:59:33

I am interested in starting up again in the freebie game. I have only done DIY site in the past so my question might seem dumb to some of you.

If I refer someone to do an offer for me, how do I know if they have already done an offer for that site.

What i mean is lets say someone has already signed up for this site and did for example columbia house.

Now they want me to pay them to do an offer on the same site. And lets say they do a book offer.

So now they have done two referrals on the same sight or in this case ZeroPriceTags.

Is this OK or can they only have done just one referral on this site and I won't get credit for it and be screwed.

If thats the case then I have to screen every person and count on their honesty.