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05-02-2009 14:08:36

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce two promotions for the month of February!

[b24def5b79a]Promotion 1[/b24def5b79a]

For every 7 referrals you cash out with on ZeroPriceTags, you will receive $100! All you have to do is submit a ticket saying that you want to participate.


- Referrals must have registered and completed their offer requirements in the month of February (February 1st – 28th)
- User must cash out with 7 referrals at ONE cash out. (individual cash outs not included)
- User must open a support ticket at time of cash out requesting the $100 bonus.
- Submit a ticket [b24def5b79a]beforehand[/b24def5b79a].

[b24def5b79a]Promotion 2[/b24def5b79a]

The first user to place an order of +7 referrals before February 14th will receive a special Valentine's gift basket!

Finally, for a limited time we will be giving free greens to all that register unreferred and submit a support ticket on any of our sites requesting a “Free Green”.

Happy February!

The ZeroPriceTags Team