ZeroPriceTags' Double Wii Giveaway!

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19-08-2008 08:39:23

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce a promotion for the rest of August and early September. We are sick of these promotions that last for months and months so we decided to let this promotion only last for [be34f457bc1]three[/be34f457bc1] weeks.

We managed to get our hands on two Nintendo Wii systems so they are up for grabs! Even if you don't enjoy video games, these Wii's would be great to sell on eBay. They are truly a hot item right now and would make you even more profit!

[be34f457bc1]Here are the details[/be34f457bc1]

- This promotion begins as of today (August 19th) at 1200 noon EST. All orders placed after noon will count. It will end September 9th, that's [be34f457bc1]THREE[/be34f457bc1] weeks!
- There is no minimum number of entries, we are giving away both of these Wii's no matter what.
- You can only win one of the two Wii's.
- Each $200 you cash out collectively is worth 1 entry. So in other words, you can have more than one entry.
- You automatically get an entry by just cashing out, no support ticket necessary.
- You can combine your cash outs to reach the $200 mark. So in other words, 5 cashouts of $40 would be one entry. A cash out of $120 and $80 would also be an entry, and so on...
- We will be posting how many entries there currently are on the promotions page found here[=http//]We will be posting how many entries there currently are on the promotions page found here.

Also, we are giving away 10 free greens for the jump start of this promotion. The first ten to submit a ticket asking for their free green will be greened. No more than ten will be getting them so you better hurry!

Thank you and good luck,

The ZeroPriceTags Team


19-08-2008 12:07:26

Still have plenty of free greens available!


20-08-2008 14:40:50

A few free greens are still left!