Updates - 7/30

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29-07-2008 22:43:15

Hey everyone,

Just a quick few updates! You may have noticed that we have added two new shiny signatures for you to use on the forums. This is part of a project that we are doing to provide more tools for promoting referral links! Let us know how you like them, they should look good in a signature or two. The signatures are currently updated on ZeroPriceTags.com but on the other sites, we are still working to get them to display properly.

The iPod Nano 4GB and 8GB were added to ZeroPriceTags.com and Gifts.ZeroPriceTags.com.

We are looking to expand the FAQ and allow quicker response times for people who have questions for us. Although our support ticket response times are probably the fastest in the business, a FAQ would be even faster. Please check out our new questions and feel free to input your own by posting in this thread or PM'ing me.

FAQ - ZeroPriceTags - ZeroPricetags[=http//zeropricetags.com/faq.php]ZeroPriceTags - ZeroPricetags

We have also added about 15 new offers with about 10 ready to go tomorrow!

We are looking to do a number of things in the near future to help out referrers at ZeroPriceTags so stay tuned.

Have a great day!

The ZeroPriceTags Team