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18-06-2008 13:06:50

Hi everyone,

Long time, no talk! Haven't had much news here at ZeroPriceTags but things continue to be going great with us and we want to say thanks to all our users out there and we hope to continue to meet your needs as best as possible.

First of all, to clarify, we [b60b0c7cf4f]do[/b60b0c7cf4f] allow one referral cash outs in June and plan on extending that in the near future until further notice. So unless you see an announcement stating we have stopped it, assume it's still going!

Anyway, we have made a great improvement to ZeroPriceTags! We noticed our most loyal of users with hundreds if not thousands of sign ups could barely access their accounts. So, we got to work and we have drastically decreased loading times for everyone for their referral lists. Most of you who have under a couple hundred sign-ups may not notice drastic changes however, those who do could notice a 5 - 10 minute wait shrink down to 2 - 10 seconds.

We are continuing to implement tools to help referrers, as promised, so please stay tuned!

Thanks as always,

The ZeroPriceTags Team


19-06-2008 08:31:40

Sounds good!


19-06-2008 21:41:50

+KMA to Twon for posting! lol