Canadian Offer List For ZeroPriceTags

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08-05-2008 10:21:56

Hi there,

Bonnie and I have composed a list of Canadian friendly offers. We are constantly adding and removing offers everyday but we will do our best to keep our Canadian friends updated. This list will not always have all the of the Canadian offers so it wouldn't hurt to check out a few in the process of completing offers.

Privacy Policy / CA
12-in-1 Vitamins
Auction Profits / CA
eMusic - 75 Free Songs
Children's Book-Of-The-Month Club
Double Day Book Club
Mystery Guild Book Club
Girls Gone Wild - WIld World
Girls Gone Wild - Wildest Bars
Great Games Direct
Video Professor
Super Auction Pro
Vista Print - Postcards
Vista Print - T-Shirts
Vista Print - Business cards

(Thanks to Bonnie for going through and checking most of these!)

We also plan to have 5-6 coming very shortly in the near future. We are always looking out for new ones and if you see one on another network you would like to do at ZeroPriceTags, please let us know and we'll get it right away.


The ZeroPriceTags Team


30-05-2008 12:39:02

Video Professor does not accept Canadian zip code. Someone confirm.


08-07-2008 04:10:30

true, I tried that offer too, but didn't let me go through as it didn't recognize the postal code