One Referral Cashout Promotion Extended!

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30-04-2008 20:33:05

Hi everyone,

Just a small bit of news, we are extending the April promotion of the one referral cash outs through May! We have had a lot of feedback about this promotion and a lot of requests so I think it's something we HAVE to do!

We understand that many traders have different schemes involved with one referral cash outs but we just have one request as we head into a profitable May for all our users. Whenever possible, please combine your cash outs in the same day. For example, if you have referrals spread across two different sites please cash them out at the same time. Again, this is NOT a requirement and we completely understand if your strategy involves you needing the money quickly.

The reason for requesting this is because we pay a fee for each payment we send in order to make it so [b54cd040d99]you[/b54cd040d99] don't endure fees. We would like to cut this fee down as low as possible and we would greatly appreciate if you could think of us when cashing out!

[b54cd040d99][u54cd040d99]In other news...[/u54cd040d99][/b54cd040d99]

Like I said in another post earlier this week, we are working on some new features for our websites. We hope to have these features out soon. Most of them are to increase the convenience of the user so hopefully you will be able to put them to good use.

Thanks and have a great week!

The ZeroPricetags Team


01-05-2008 18:07:01

Did I tell you how much I love ZPT today? )


08-05-2008 10:22:42

[quote38dbf75c49="QTWITHLOCS"]Did I tell you how much I love ZPT today? )[/quote38dbf75c49]

Haha, we love our great users as well. D


10-05-2008 03:17:10

Ahh, you guys rule, I saw that on the site the day before yesterday! I was giddy, I thought I missed the promotion! D