Final March Promotion Results!

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31-03-2008 21:47:55

Hi everyone,

The final results have been posted on the following link


Congratulations to all our winners. Kim S. & Felicia H. have already been paid their prizes since they had a pending cash out at midnight. All other winners will be awarded their bonus money on the next cash out they make with us at ZeroPricetags. Thanks to everyone who participated, we had a great ending.

As for April, we do have a low-key promotion brewing up. Due to some revokes and large promotion giveaways we are not able to do a huge promotion but we will have something that a lot of you guys love and everyone can benefit from it so it should be good for everyone.

A big thanks goes to Bonnie for keeping tally and doing her day to day job so well so everyone give a shout out to her if you appreciate her! ) (I know I do)

Have a great night and keep a look out for the new April promotion sometime in the next day or two!

The ZeroPricetags Team


01-04-2008 16:08:39

Congratulation goes out to the winners.