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15-03-2008 17:18:41

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of our two newest sites, Shoes and Summer! Our summer prizes are really great and of course, our shoes site offers any pair of shoes you want! Here's how the shoes site works

Any pair of shoes that you want is able to ordered as long as you get the referrals needed. Every referral you attain is worth $40. At the time of ordering, simply open a support ticket and paste in the hyperlink for the shoes. We then will tell you if you are able to order these shoes and/or how many referrals it takes to order them. We approve all custom orders before they actually go in the order process so when in doubt, just open a support ticket.

As for the summer site, we also allow custom order of any gift. The only rule is that if you are cashing out for a cash prize it has to be with 2 referrals/ $80.

For these two sites we are giving away 10 free greens total. The first ten people to open a support ticket will be awarded a free green, no more than ten though!

Thanks and we hope you enjoy your weekend!

The ZeroPricetags Team




15-03-2008 19:43:42

hello i tried to get free greens on both sites..summer and shoes..i think i got the one in for summer in support ticket..the other shoes wont let me in to do a support ticket,,do i still get a free green? thank you terry
i am getting this message on the shoes

Parse error syntax error, unexpected '}' in /home/jkirk/public_html/shoes/mystatus.php on line 897


15-03-2008 20:29:04

I opened my support ticket for both I hope its not too late D


15-03-2008 20:56:33

I got my free green on shoes!! Thanks Zeropricetags!!


15-03-2008 21:30:22

Everything should be fixed on the sites now!

sandra habina

15-03-2008 23:58:10

Thankyou - I signed up for Summer - looks neat. Love the prizes and custom orders too.