New site suggestions?

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28-02-2008 05:36:06

Hi everyone,

We are thinking of opening up a new site soon and we want some suggestions as to what kind of items you want and what kind of credit values you want? Lately we have been opening a lot of multi-credit sites, would you guys prefer just a $40 site or others?

Be on the lookout for the new site soon!

The ZeroPricetags Team


28-02-2008 17:28:58

How about ZPT Jr.? $20 a referral, for only 1/2 credit worth of offers. Perfect for someone who wants to small ball.


03-03-2008 11:32:59

i <3

sandra habina

08-03-2008 01:03:54

How about another 1 ref cashout site. Those are great. ZPT ROCKS