Valentine's Day Promotion from ZeroPricetags!

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14-02-2008 08:38:58

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day, first of all! We wanted to do something special for Valentine's Day. One thing that always makes us think of Valentine's Day is chocolate! So the first ten people who open a support ticket saying "ZPT, be mine!" will win a nice box of candy from us. Not only will you receive a nice box of chocolates, none of the cheap stuff, you will be awarded a free green. It isn't much but sometimes something as small as a box of chocolates can brighten up your day and you can never have enough chocolate.

We will also be paying for [b2c647f9a9d]TWO[/b2c647f9a9d] Valentine's Day dinners tonight. If you're loved one gets a chance to take you out to dinner or maybe you have dinner at your house tonight or tomorrow, all you have to do is describe it and we will have someone judge the "best" Valentine's Day date/dinner. If you didn't have a chance to go to dinner tonight, we will also accepting descriptions or stories for what someone gave you as gift on this special day. If you don't want to make it public, you are welcome to PM us. Other wise just post it here. Keep it truthful so it's fun, everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!



14-02-2008 17:20:04

I submitted a ticket, <3 you too ZPT D


14-02-2008 23:03:09

Submitted a ticket on giftcards. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!