Week 1 Raffle Winners! $100 each! Feb. promotion at ZPT!

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10-02-2008 10:33:39

Hi everyone,

The winners for week 1 of the promotion are... [b21a71cb461]Brandy B.[/b21a71cb461] and [b21a71cb461]K. Shaw[/b21a71cb461]!(Both just had one entry). Congratulations, ladies, and $100 will be added to your next cash out with us.

Out of the 5 entries for this week's contest, each of our entries had a whopping 20% chance to win! I think a lot of entries forgot how we did our iPod contest and I did not go into detail far enough but the cash outs have to be above $150 in a SINGLE cash out to count as an entry. I thought people would assume that since I said you could have multiple entries but I apologize for that, I couldn't change the rules midway through the week because it would be unfair to the people who met the first requirements.

[b21a71cb461]Here's the rundown again for the promotion[/b21a71cb461]

- $100 for two people every week, must have entries in on Sunday by noon EST to count for prior week.
- You must cash out more than $150 in a SINGLE cash out to be counted as an entry for the week.
- All sites are open to this promotion.
- Multiple entries per week are allowed.
- Referrals that signed up AFTER January 21st that you haven't cashed out already, and all referrals in February will be counted for this promotion.

Thanks to everyone who participated and remember, you can win prizes at this promotion just by doing what you normally do, refer!

- The ZeroPricetags Team